Visas and Other Consular Services



IMPORTANT! If applying for Russian visa in Edinburgh, please, submit your visa application to the Russian Visa Application Centre in Edinburgh.

The centre is located at 64 Albion RD, Edinburgh, EH7 5QZ.

For further information on visa servies, please, visit the web-site of the Russian Visa Application Centre in Edinburgh  or phone the call centre at 0905 889 01 49 (premium rate).


Important Notice for the Citizens of Turkey: Temporary suspension of visa free regime between Russia and Turkey

As of January 1, 2016, the Russian Federation has partly suspended the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Turkish Republic on terms of mutual visits by citizens of Russia and Turkey of May 12, 2010, with regard to trips by citizens of Turkey in possession of ordinary passports for travel abroad.

Starting this date the mentioned citizens have to apply for Russian visas in one of diplomatic or consular missions of the Russian Federation in accordance with the acting Russian legislation.

This measure is not applicable to those citizens of Turkey who have temporary or permanent residence permits on the territory of Russia, those citizens of Turkey who have been sent to work to diplomatic representations and consulates of the Turkish Republic on the territory of Russia, who hold valid service and special passports, and their family members holders of service, special or ordinary passports, citizens of Turkey who holds sailor passports and have ship’s roll or its copy as well as those citizens of Turkey who had lost their documents of identification while on territory of the Russian Federation and obtained in a diplomatic representations or a consulate of Turkey a travel document or a temporary passport.


Migration Card


In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 413 of August 16, 2004 “On migration card”, the migration cards are distributed gratis by immigration officers at all ports of entry to the Russian Federation.
A filled-in migration card should be presented at check-point to immigration officer for official stamping.
A foreign national must carry migration card during the whole period of stay in the Russian Federation and submit it along with other documents for migration registration at the place of sojourn.
In case of loss or damage of the migration card a foreign national must notify an appropriate local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation within three days. Provided that travel documents used to enter Russia are presented, a gratis duplicate card is issued.
When leaving the Russian Federation, a foreign national must submit the card to a migration officer at port of exit.
Absence of migration card during the stay in the Russian Federation or at the time of exiting the Russian Federation may bring to administrative liability.
Please, take care of your migration card to avoid unpleasant situations.


Other Consular Services


Consulate General of Russia in Edinburgh delivers a wide range of consular services to Russian and foreign nationals. Among these services are:

-         Registration of Russian nationality for children if one parent, at least, is a Russian national;

-         Issuing Russian travel passports for Russian nationals;

-         Issuing Laissez-Passer (emergency temporary travel document) for Russian nationals;

-         Requesting personal records and documents from Russia;

-         Issuing Police Clearance Certificate for use in the United Kingdom and some certificates for use in Russia;

-         Certifying power of attorney for use in Russia;

-         Certifying signature on the documents for use in Russia;

-         Certifying declarations and consents for use in Russia;

-         Certifying translation of documents from Russian into English and from English into Russian;

-         Certifying copies of documents for use in Russia.

To visit the Consulate General for one of the listed consular services, please, book an appointment on-line.

On-line Consular Appointments System of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation 

If booking an appointment for notary services, please, also phone the Consulate General at 0131 225 70 98 to discuss the document's content with the diplomat.